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Our Services 


Publishing your first book can be daunting and we know this because we publish our own books! If you are looking to be completely independent, we can provide you with all the required services including access to illustrators through to walking through the steps required to successfully self publish your own book.


We can also publish for you for a fixed fee with no hidden costs or royalty claims from us. 

Proofreading, editing and Typesetting

Every writer will understand that it is often difficult to spot errors in your own work. 


If you need proofreaders or you would like your work edited we can assist you. 


With over 10 years experience in writing, editing, creating corporate presentations and speeches, Naomi Nicole Publishing has an eye for detail and can work with you to ensure your content is engaging, written to the highest standard and free of errors. We can also typeset your book including cover design.

Web Design

Need a new website or help with a fresh new look to an existing website? Look no further. At Naomi Nicole Publishing we can work with you on creating a stunning website that represents your brand or service.

Logo Design

At Naomi Nicole Publishing, we can design for you a fresh, unique logo that sells your product or service for you.


After an initial consultation, one of our designers will create a logo taking into account specific elements of your brand or service as well as your corporate personality. We aim to design a unique and eye-catching logo that is timeless and memorable.


We work with clients to create a beautiful brand that will capture your target audience. Please contact us for our range of branding packages


Have a service requirement not listed? Please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you. 

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