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Naomi Nicole Publishing is an independently owned and operated full-service publishing company founded in 2019.


We offer all things literary including illustration services, help in publishing your own books, marketing and promotion advice. In addition we have experienced proofreaders and editors who can review your work before it goes into the public domain.


Need help with your Branding? We can help with that too!


As a creative media company, we design websites, as well as provide content for your site and promotional materials. We offer a free consultation which will give you the opportunity to discuss your project in further detail.


Naomi Nicole, who founded the company, is a mother of two children who is very passionate about writing and delivering messages to a wide audience, from children to adults. 


Naomi Nicole recognises the importance of owning and being in control of your own brand and products, as such, she has also self published her first series of children’s books: The Adventures of Chief and Lilly. With experience in the steps to self-publishing, Naomi Nicole welcomes enquiries from aspiring writers and she will guide you through the process from the conception of your idea to full completion of your work.

In her spare time (yes, she gets a little!), Naomi Nicole loves listening to music and dancing around the house until she can't breathe! She is also a very big kid, which is partly why she has written a series of children’s books!

For more information on the services Naomi Nicole Publishing offers, please contact us.

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Our Published Books

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